What is a Traditional Espresso Machine?

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A traditional espresso machine is what most coffee-serving establishments are already familiar with.

Machines like this include between 1 and 4 brew group heads along with 1 to 3 arms for steaming milk.

These machines also require the person running it to load coffee manually with the help of a separate grinder used to prepare enough ground coffee for each shot.

Here at Pierro Coffee we have been selling and importing traditional espresso machines like this for more than 30 years, during which time we have sold thousands of machines.

If you’d like to receive any additional information about how to choose the right machine for your own specific purposes, receive a very competitive bid regarding your equipment needs, or if you’d simply like to speak with someone from Pierro Coffee about anything else at all, please give us a call today and we will be more than happy to sort you out.

Why Buy a Super-Automatic Machine From Pierro Coffee?

The majority of machines are bought only through companies authorized in sales and service of these specialised machines in order to guarantee the warranty as well as continued support for maintenance, repairs, etc.

At Pierro Coffee we have been both selling and servicing “super-automatic” machines for almost 20 years now, and we’ve installed hundreds of machines that churn out highly satisfying espresso coffee. Want more information on what a super-automatic espresso machine can do? Give us a call!

Find Out Before You Buy

The market being as it is, dominated by German and Swiss companies, there are surprisingly few genuine Italian manufacturers of these super-automatic machines.

However if you are looking for a machine that can make high quality, highly concentrated espresso coffee with a brewing time of only 25 seconds, that you should by all means consider getting a high quality Italian made machine: though they are not the most numerous on the market, they are among the best.

Familiarise Yourself With Espresso Grinders

A consistent and quality grind is essential for serving up a consistently rich and satisfying cup of espresso, so choosing the right grinder is as important as choosing the right traditional espresso machine.

There are actually a surprising number of factors to consider when making this decision, like speed, motor size, grind on demand vs dosing, what type of burrs you want, volume, and budget.

In some cases it can also be useful to have multiple grinders, for example if you want one for regular blend and one for decaf without having to switch out the beans in the grinder every time someone orders the other type of coffee.

Call us today and we can help you sort through all of these options based on your specific needs.

Pierro commercial coffee machines are an Australian owned company manufacturing commercial coffee machines specifically designed for the Australian coffee industry.

If you are  looking to buy or rent a coffee machine for your work environment which is simple to use and produces 100% pure espresso then our Pierro corporate coffee machine range is perfect for you.

For more information on The Pierro coffee machine range, for purchase or rental,  please contact us direct or feel free to visit our Sydney head office and showroom at 8 – 12 Robert Street, Rozelle NSW 2039.

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