Choosing a Superauto Coffee Machine

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You might have heard the term “superauto” when reading about espresso machines and wondered what it was.

Is there a difference between a superauto and a semi-auto machine?

Read the following guide to find out what exactly a superauto is.

Basically, a superauto espresso machine is completely automated, so that everything from grinding, tamping, pulling shots, to steaming milk can be done simply by pressing a few buttons.

A superauto machine is capable of producing a great shot of espresso very quickly and easily, however keep in mind that a skilled barista manning a manual machine will be able to produce an even better shot.

Superautos consist of a bean hopper, grinder, brew unit, and a milk steaming system, and feeding beans into the grinder, grinding them, feeding them into the brew unit, and then pulling the shot all take place at the push of a single button. For steamed milk, an extra button or two will suffice.

Choosing the right superauto

As superauto espresso machines are generally much more expensive than manual machines, the cost of your machine will certainly be one of the most important factors in your decision. Beyond that, here are some more aspects of the machines that you will want to consider before buying one.

The Taste

Obviously you want a machine that produces a rich and flavorful shot of espresso goodness! So if you are able to sample the machine yourself before you buy it, by all means do. If not, you will want to read as many user reviews and professional critiques as possible to get an idea of the machine’s results.

The Milk System

If you expect to be making any espresso based drinks involving milk, you will want to make sure that your machine is capable of producing decent steamed milk. Again, you will want to either read user reviews or sample the machine directly so you know what you are getting into. Especially since the milk system can often be the weak point of an otherwise great superauto machine.


You will also want to make sure that your machine is able to produce both espresso and milk at an ideal temperature, so keep this aspect in mind as well when you are either reading about or sampling the machine.

Again, especially keep this in mind about the milk system, since this aspect can often be a weak point in the milk steaming systems of superauto machines.

Manual or Touch Controls

If you don’t care about the controls one way or the other but just want decent coffee, then you will be better off getting a machine with manual buttons and knobs because it will cost much less without necessarily having any impact on the quality of the coffee.

On the other hand, if money is less of a concern for you, you may find that the touch screen is very easy and pleasant to use.

Some Final Additional Factors

There are a few other factors which you may want to keep in mind, especially if you are going to be busily pouring shots in a commercial setting. A larger hopper as well as water tank will mean that they need to be refilled less often, which will be ideal for situations with a high output.

Likewise if you expect to be busily pulling shot after shot you may want to consider the wait time needed between each shot.

Finally, cleaning and maintaining your machine properly are important for getting good results, so you should always look into the proper methods for the machine you want to buy.

Pierro commercial coffee machines are an Australian owned company manufacturing commercial coffee machines specifically designed for the Australian coffee industry.

If you are  looking to buy or rent a coffee machine for your work environment which is simple to use and produces 100% pure espresso then our Pierro corporate coffee machine range is perfect for you.

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