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Sports Club Coffee Machine

Many sports clubs have begun to catch on to the fundraising potential of coffee, provided, of course, that it is good quality coffee that will not only generate more sales of the coffee itself, but also keep club members, friends, and family hanging around your club more often before and after matches so that they will be spending more money on other potential fundraisers (snacks, food, lottery tickets, etc.).

A lot of club operators who we know personally were seeing not only mediocre coffee sales, but were also seeing many of their club members and associates going elsewhere after matches in order to find a place to relax so they could enjoy better coffee. So they came to us to ask us how to resolve the problem.

The following list will show you what the major issues were that clubs were having, and how we recommended they resolve them.

The first major issue: We need to serve high quality coffee if we are going to get members and their associates to buy and and continue hanging around our club.

Solution: The key to great coffee is fresh beans. It is recommended to get in touch with a local roaster who can advise you about what and how many beans you should get, and many will be willing to talk about wholesale prices with you.

The second major issue: Our club relies on volunteers to man the canteen, and these people are generally not trained baristas.

Solution: A traditional, manually operated espresso machine is definitely the best way for making excellent coffee. The catch, however, is that you need someone who knows how to use it right or else it will not make especially good coffee. For a club canteen setting it may be more advisable to have an automated machine. But there’s no longer any need to turn your nose up at automatic coffee, since some machines can even grind fresh beans and churn out a perfectly respectable cup of authentic espresso or americano.

The third major issue: We see long intervals of little activity, and then suddenly have a huge rush (same a game weekend of tournament) where we need to produce up to 200 cups in one day, so we need a machine that can handle the busy periods.

Solution: If you had a highly skilled barista working at a manual espresso machine with multiple group heads, they can work on up to 4 coffee drinks at one time and turn this sort of machine into a very efficient means of producing a lot of great coffee quickly. However, once again, because we are talking about a club with volunteer staff it is not likely that you’re going to have a skilled barista on hand to work your machine.

Never fret, however, because automated machines tend to produce a cup of coffee in 40-60 seconds, with little to no maintenance or clean up necessary in between cups, they can also produce a lot of coffee quite quickly whereas all your volunteer staff needs to do is push a button and wait a few seconds. Another virtue of these machines is that it leaves your volunteer staff free to do other things in between cups rather than having to man and manage the machine constantly.

How to make coffee fundraising a success at your sports club

Although some club operators may hesitate to invest in a professional, high quality coffee machine (even smaller or medium sized ones will cost you in the neighborhood of $4000-$5000), those who have done their math will quickly realise how fast the revenue from great coffee can earn back their investment.

For instance if you charge $3.50 for each cup of coffee, $2.80-$3.00 of this will be profit. This means that over a busy weekend when you are selling up to 200 cups per day, you will generate between $560 and $1200 in profit. And this is one single weekend! So it will not be long before your machine pays for itself and begins doing serious fundraising for your club.

Do you have any additional questions, or would you like to come and sample some coffee from machines which might suit the purposes of your club? Please get in touch with us today so we can help your club to start offering not only great tasting, but highly profitable coffee.

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