How To Manage A Cafe Effectively

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Managing a Café is All About People

It isn’t just about pastries and coffee: no matter if you are the owner-operator or just the manager of a coffee establishment, the people involved in the enterprise are at the very heart of the matter.

If you don’t know how to instruct, motivate, and engage with your employees properly, than you are going to be in trouble.

Here are some of the basics to good management practices that will keep you on the good side of your staff members:

Remain composed and professional at all times. If you have to resort to screaming, throwing things, or insulting your employees, you are actually going to lose everyone’s respect rather than gain it.

Don’t take anything for granted: you want to lay out explicitly everything that you want your employees to be doing or not doing. Don’t make any assumptions about the common sense of the employees no matter how obvious it seems to you that they should or should not do certain things.

Provide enough training to let new employees feel confident during their first day on the floor. It may be tempting, or even necessary, sometimes to throw new employees onto the floor very quickly. However this not only looks bad to your customers if the newbies seem nervous and fumble everything, but it can also send the message to your employees that you do not really respect them and are only concerned about your own interests.

Try to solve problems directly, and welcome input from others as well. A weekly or bi-weekly meeting to deal with employee problems or grievances, either with each other or with you, is a great way of improving morale and gaining the respect of your employees, and also of avoiding the possibility that your employees will take out their frustrations on the customers instead.

Reward hard work and professionalism, but at the same time do not play favourites. You absolutely want to treat all of your employees equally, but this does not mean that you cannot – fairly – give the most sought after shifts or extra vacation days to the ones who go the extra mile to work efficiently or be extra helpful to the customers.

You want to be friendly with your employees (for example ask how they are doing, host the occasional party for them and so on), but don’t go as far as becoming friends with them. If you hang out with staff members too much outside of work it can make it harder to maintain the image of yourself as the boss when you are at work.

Always keep your word, whether it’s good or bad. If you promise everyone Christmas bonuses, for example, then make sure you follow through with it or you face losing your credibility. Likewise if you threaten to fire someone if they mouth off to you one more time, then you need to really do it or employees won’t take your threats seriously in the future.

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