Maintaining and Servicing Your Espresso Machine

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If you want your machine to provide you with a lifetime of great performance, it is very important to maintain it regularly.

If you’d like to have your machine serviced professionally don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule inspection and maintenance of your machine.

Generally speaking you should get your machine serviced at least once every twelve months, but if your machine sees a lot of use then every six months is even more highly recommended.

To prevent buildup or clogging in your machine it is also important to make use of a water filtration and softening system.

Here are some basic treatment methods that you can use on your machine yourself:

  • Flush your group heads before and after each use
  • Steam wands need to be flushed periodically as well
  • Stainless steel needs to be cleaned with either a microfiber cloth and steam, or with a little bit of diluted glass cleaner
  • Every day you should backflush your machine
  • Replace group seals and shower screens whenever necessary
  • Don’t ignore any unusual behaviour you machine starts showing, and call for professional service if you can’t figure it out yourself
  • Make sure you use the right water so you don’t end up needing to have your machine descaled

Even if you maintain your machine very well yourself, you will at some point need to call for professional servicing in any case.

We offer service at very reasonable pricing all across Australia, and our services include the following:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Repairing parts
  • Inspecting electrical safety and pressure
  • Descaling
  • Replacing worn parts
  • Inspecting, disassembling, and lubricating steam and hot water valves, wands, and group heads


We’ll give you a first look estimate as soon as you drop off your machine for maintenance, and then a more formal estimate once we’ve inspected the machine more closely.

Normally we can inspect, service, and repair a machine (as long as none of the repairs are major) within an hour or two, however be aware that if your machine needs to be descaled than the time we need to service it will be much longer.


Grinder need to be serviced and cleaned regularly as well, and a simple rinse and dry is not going to be enough. Burrs need to be removed and cleaned thoroughly, and it is recommended to have your grinder cleaned professionally from time to time as well in order to increase its lifespan and maintain its performance over time.

Don’t try to take care of it yourself unless you know what you are doing.

Water Pressure

The ideal water pressure for an espresso machine is around 25 PSI or 2 Bar. If your water pressure is too high then you can end up with leaks in your machine. You can install a pressure regulator if you need to reduce the pressure to maintain ideal conditions.

Water Quality

The amount of impurities or minerals contained in your water can greatly impact the longevity of your machine.

You should have a filtration system that will remove any small particles that can clog up your machine over time, and if your water it too hard (which means it has a high mineral content) then you need to get a water softener system that can remove some of the mineral content so that limescale doesn’t build up in your machine over time and require you to get your machine descaled.

Be aware however that you don’t want to used deionized water with no mineral content at all because this will compromise the flavour of your coffee (you need some mineral content to get the best flavour out of your coffee).

Reverse Osmosis

RO or reverse osmosis is an extremely effective way of removing the mineral content of your water; however, it is so effective that it may actually reduce the mineral content of your water too much and leave you in the same boat as you would be in with your deionized water.

Some people who use an RO system combine it with a calcifier to add enough mineral content back into the water so that you still get great tasting coffee.

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