Pierro Silver 2 Group Italian Coffee Machine

italian espresso machine
The Pierro Italian espresso machine combines beauty and high performance.

Designed and built with 100% pure Italian components, this Italian espresso machine is well suited for the Australian coffee market.

A premium quality Italian espresso machine that will produce incredible 100% pure espresso every time whilst showcasing your coffee making ability.

Machine Specifications

Boiler Capacity: 18L | Voltage: 220/240 | Element Watts: 4000-6000 | Hertz: 50/60 | Weight: 87kg | Dimensions: Width 95cm | Depth 52cm | Height 63cm

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Why This Is One Of Australia’s Best Commercial Espresso Machine

  • Mains connection: 240 V single phase
  • Parker Valves – Same valves as used in 90% of Coffee Machine Brands on The Market
  • Advanced Electronics – For ease of Operation and performance and reliability
  • Pro Con Water Pump – Same Pumps as used in 90% of Coffee Machine Brands on The Market
  • High raised Coffee Groups – You can extract straight into an 8oz,12oz and 16oz Cups
  • Programming of pre-infusion for all selections of each coffee group
  • Duplicable programming of groups
  • Gicar Flow Meter – Same Flow Metre as used in 90% of Coffee Machine Brands on The Market
  • Non – return valves preventing foreign liquids entering the boiler
  • Robotic Welded Stainless Steel Boiler ensures perfect pure water without possible contamination
  • Coffee Groups Brass Cast Head
  • ( ETL ) protection from over heating Boiler
  • Heavy Duty pressure Stat Temperature for constant control of steam boiler pressure
  • 5 coffee product selection buttons, programmable as desired
  • 2 steam wands
  • 1 Hot water Outlet
  • Patent Hot Water and Steam Knob – operate by pulling forward and by rotation
  • Automatic cleaning program for coffee brewing groups
  • Nickel Coated elements for additional fault protection
  • Individual heat exchangers for each coffee group
  • Specially Prepared spare Parts Kits for Technicians with Video Support


When we needed to re-fit our training room out with a number of new commercial espresso machines the Pierro Silver Espresso Coffee Machine was the right choice.

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