Investing In A School Coffee Machine

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A lot of schools have started to catch on to the potential that coffee has as a fundraiser for other school projects, and we have seen a sharp rise in the inquiries from schools about the feasibility and cost of setting up a high-quality coffee system with a payment program for staff and teachers.

Nowadays, with the ease with which one can find real coffee that is at least decent, not many people are willing to drink poor instant or even mediocre drip coffee.

Given all of the teachers and parents stopping or going our for coffee during working days or school events, many schools are beginning to see how redirecting this money spent on coffee back into the school can benefit their students and help fund other school initiatives.

There are a number of high-quality coffee machines available nowadays with a variety of different automatic payment programs, like coin machines or a prepaid card or i-key.

And even if you invest in a relatively expensive machine, you might be surprised just how quickly you can make the money back from the investment and start putting it into new jerseys for sports teams, updated textbooks, educational field trips, or any other educational initiatives that will benefit your students.

Schools, like many operators of sports clubs, have started to see a coffee business differently: not as something greedy and for profit, but rather as a way to raise funds to benefit your club members or students, or even your clubs or schools as a whole.

Just imagine your hundreds or even thousands of staff and parents arriving at your school for a large event with all their Starbucks coffee cups in hand, and imagine what all of this coffee money could do for your school if you could simply redirect the money which people are already spending on coffee back into your school rather than outwards.

You might be surprised just how much money people are willing to spend on great coffee, and just how quickly you can earn the money back for even a large investment.

The costs and the revenue

If you want to serve great coffee that people will take seriously, then you need to invest in a high-quality, professional machine. This will cost you at least $4000, but $6000 would be even better if you want a great machine that makes great coffee.

However don’t panic if your school doesn’t have the resources for an investment like this because you will very shortly see how quickly you can make this money back and warrant taking out a small loan if it’s necessary.

So imagine that you have between 40 and 50 people on staff who tend to buy 1-2 cups of coffee every day. On average this would mean between 60 and 70 cups of coffee will be purchased each day.

If you get a machine that makes really great coffee, then you can get away with charging more for it, say $2.00-$3.00 for every cup: this will all add up to between $120 and $210 in just one working day. If you have a 5-day work week, then this means you will make between $600 and $1050 from coffee sales in just one week.

And given that the vast majority of these figures will be profit (the actual cost of each cup will be something like 40 or 50 cents), it is not difficult to see just how quickly your coffee venture could earn back what you invest in it.

A couple of great ways to promote your fundraising coffee is to integrate it into other projects promoting healthy eating or environmental sustainability, and many schools are already taking advantage of this.

The fresh beans and real milk that go into great coffee can be highlighted as a healthy alternative to other drinks available at or outside of school, and if you choose organic or sustainably sourced beans for your school’s machine then you can also make your coffee program part of initiatives to promote more sustainable choices.

For example a number of South Australia schools have already rolled out programs intended to educate students, staff, and parents about how to reduce their global footprint, and offering organic beans is a great way to complement programs like these.

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