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free coffee machine

Bad coffee can really kill a restaurant or cafe business.

And believe it or not, whether or not you own your own machine can have a major affect on the taste of your coffee.

Here’s how:

Suppliers of coffee machines and coffee beans will often set up deals with businesses where they provide the loan of a coffee machine for free (along with ongoing support and maintenance) in exchange for an agreement to continue buying beans only from them over time – usually at an inflated price – and often at set volumes.

This lets businesses that are starting up avoid the large investment required to buy a machine, but in the long run they end up paying more than they should be for their beans and have less freedom to choose the kinds and quantities of their beans.

In some cases the businesses will even end up with a regular oversupply of coffee beans if the actual output of their business does not match their initial expectations written into the agreement with the supplier.

This can lead to two kinds of problems

This can lead to two kinds of problems with regard to the quality of the coffee you will be brewing.

One is that you may end up stuck inferior beans, or at least ones that your clientele does not appreciate, without the ability to change to a better or different variety.

The second problem is that in cases where you end up with an oversupply of beans, in order not to waste you may end up always having stale beans on the go that you are trying to use up before you break into your new batch.

Other financial problems, not related to taste, can also crop up.

One is if you go out of business you will have no claim on the machine: since the supplier owns it they will simply repossess it and you will get nothing in return for it.

Another problem is that, if you don’t want to always be serving stale beans, you may end up with a large overstock of beans that you are not able to do anything with, and you may end up contractually obligated to waste money on extra beans you’ll never use each month or stocking period.

Furthermore, if you are late on your bean payments for whatever reason the supplier will have the right to enter your business and repossess your machine right in the middle of business hours.

Although it represents a large initial investment that you may be tempted to avoid, what you are really doing is exchanging the machine for your own freedom as a business owner and leaving yourself indentured to a foreign party for no good reason.

If you are serious about your cafe for the long run, it is always better to buy your own machine outright to leave yourself the future freedom to modify the types and the quantities of beans that you buy, and generally just to have your own control of your own business venture.

Even if you need to take out a low-interest loan, this is better than tying yourself to a coffee bean supplier for all time: the loan you can eventually pay off, and in the meantime you still have full freedom in your bean selection.

Alternatively you could also lease if you aren’t eligible for a loan; though the interest in this case will likely be higher, you still get to keep your freedom with respect to your beans.

Finally, however, for some people, based on their financial situation, none of these preferable options might be available, in which case you might have no other choice but to sign a deal with the devil, so to speak, and loan a “free” machine in exchange for a bean purchasing deal.

Although it’s not ideal it is not the end of the world, and if it’s the only way to get you business up and running than it could still work out for you.

Just think carefully about the type and quantity of beans you are signing up for because you may be stuck with them for a long time. It will also be a good idea to consult a commercial solicitor and an accountant before signing the contract to ensure that everything in the agreement is above board as well as financially viable.

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