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An espresso machine is used to prepare espresso coffee as well as its offshoots, like infusions, lattes, and cappuccinos.

The primary function of these machines is to pour optimally heated water (from around 88 to 96 degrees Celsius depending on what coffee blend is being used) at a pressure of 9 bar.

This makes it so that all of the oils and aromas are dissolved in the water and end up in your cup. Secondarily, many machines also produce steam in order to heat and foam milk for cappuccinos.

Kinds of espresso coffee machines:

1) Automated espresso machines

Some machines are totally automated so that high quality espresso based drinks can be prepared simply at the push or a button (or buttons) without the need of a skilled barista.

These machines can even grind and press your beans for you for a variety of different types of drinks. These automated machines prepare drinks more quickly and quietly, and tend to produce good results for just about anyone running the machine even if they don’t know the first thing about brewing espresso shots.

These types of machines are favoured by coffee chains that have a high staff turnover (to maintain consistency), are by hotels who don’t want to hire an expert barista for their restaurant or cafeteria.

2) Traditional espresso coffee machines

Some of these these machines use continuous pouring (semiautomatic or volumetric depending on whether there is a manual button or several buttons for pre-set doses; in the case of the latter the machine is programmed to stop automatically once it has poured the pre-programmed amount of coffee.

Others use a lever system in which the water pressure is increased by a mechanical piston which is activated by a lever.

This system allows the barista to modify the pre-infusion time for each pour. When the lever is lowered, some hot water is allowed to enter the coffee from the tank, wetting it before pouring. A pro barista will wait for the first drip to come out before raising the lever because this means that the water has permeated the entire coffee panel.

Either way, a traditional espresso coffee machine is best suited to smaller, independent coffee joints or anywhere else that is going to have consistent staff who know how to operate the machine.

A good barista can make a better cup than an automated machine can, and can also have an increased ability to fine-tune the results of their pour based on the customers’ taste or their own creativity.

3) Pod or capsule machines

These machines are a self-serve affair where one simply inserts a little cup of coffee which then gets hot water poured over it by pushing a button.

These machines can produce decent coffee, but they are definitely not suited to a professional atmosphere as people are likely going to turn their noses up at it even if it is a good machine. Better suited to self-serve areas like hotel lobbies or gas stations.

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