6 Trends in Coffee to Embrace

coffee industry trends

Now it just the right time to look at the six biggest current trends in the world of coffee: make your coffees at the office more enjoyable with these exciting new trends!

1. Cold brewed coffee

Cold brewed coffee is likely to continue being a huge trend.

This coffee is made in precisely the same way as regular coffee except for the fact that you use cold water instead of hot.

The coffee brewed as a result ends up having a smoother, less bitter taste that is ideal for the summertime. Spices or sweet syrups are often added to this kind of brew in order to produce even more pleasant flavours.

2. Butter coffee

At long last you need no longer be ashamed for adding butter!

Butter coffee, sometimes called bulletproof coffee, involves adding healthy fats to your joe, like coconut oil for example. This can add to the energy boost which you already get from the caffeine, and it helps you to absorb nutrients as well.

This trend is on the rise, so if you haven’t encountered buttered coffee yet, it won’t be too long before you do.

3. Coffee tea

Coffee tea is an herbal coffee made from the husk, or the “cherry” of the coffee bean.

Because these husks are red they look a little like cherries, and they also give the coffee a slight tinge of red.

Normally these husks are thrown away, but they can be ground up and steeped like tea leaves in order to produce “coffee tea” or “coffee cherry tea”. These coffee cherries are teeming with antioxidants, so coffee tea has been given the title of “super-food”.

4. Nitrogen coffee

Nitrogen coffee is sometimes also called “nitrogen cold brew” because it is a type of cold brewed coffee that is also infused with nitrogen.

These coffees look very much link a pint of beer because of the large head of foam on them. Nitrogen coffee is very light, refreshing, and bubbly, and is generally taken sweet.

Right now this drink tends to be served as a sort of “coffee beer” in pubs, but it is expected to soon become available in ordinary coffee shops as well.

5. Mock-tail coffee

Some cocktails and mock-tails are being given the added benefit of a caffeine kick.

An espresso shot in your alcoholic, or non-alcoholic, cocktail – with many people enjoying the combination of an espresso shot with everything from lemonade to vodka – is becoming increasingly popular, and if anything the trend is expected to become more and more common.

High quality ground coffee is used to make both cocktails and mock-tails with a fabulous caffeine kick. It can be mixed with lemonade and even vodka. Espresso shots with cold lemon tea, or with lime and mint, are especially popular.

6. Sustainably sourced coffee

Coffee derived from a sustainable source is also a huge trend that is expected to rise even more.

Many people have become more concerned that what they buy does not negatively impact the planet or prevent farmers from earning a fair wage.

For this reason, sustainably sourced coffee gives people peace of mind on top of their enjoyment of great coffee.

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