What’s Your Coffee Niche?

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If you want your café or restaurant to be different from the rest, then you need to find a niche.

And make sure you think carefully about what you want your niche to be, as the next step will be to promote the hell out of it.

If you decide to change your look and atmosphere every few months many people will see you as being inauthentic and kitschy.

There is certainly no shortage of places offering quality coffee, so in order to stand out and make people choose you over all the other options you need a niche to help you stand out.

No one is going to say: “hey, let’s go to that entirely ordinary place with no distinguishing features!” But stuff like local art, or a warehouse feel coupled with Persian carpets and a hookah, or some sort of signature cappuccino or cocktail will get people through the doors.

One of the keys to creating a successful niche is knowing what other businesses in the area have available, but even more importantly, what they do not have available.

For example, your signature drinks or your shag carpets and lava lamps might not be bringing hordes of people in, but if you notice, for example, that none of the other hospitality businesses in your area have a play area for children, then putting one in can fill in that gap and really bring in a lot of clientele that want their kids out of their hair while they relax and chat.

So you definitely need to think not only about flashy designs or unique products but about simple things that people want but are simply not being offered elsewhere.

To get your plan for your niche started, you can begin by drawing up a list of whatever benefits or advantages you think you currently offer.

Then draw up a second list of the benefits and advantages offered by other establishments in the area (and do whatever research or investigation necessary to figure this out).

Now cross out from your list whatever is also included on the second list. If there isn’t much left over, then you have a problem.

Your next plan should be to add as many things as you can (or perhaps just one or two really essential things) to your own list that are not included on the second one.

Another plan of attack, is to draw up a list of your place’s disadvantages, and then figure out which ones can and which cannot be removed.

For the removable ones, obviously you can just remove them. But for the ones you are stuck with, you can figure out how to spin them in a positive way when you promote your café.

An inconvenient, out of the way location can always turn into a “refreshing escape from the bustle of downtown”.

The most important thing to remember is that perception is more important than substance: what you want to aim at is either changing or enhancing your customers’ perception of your establishment.

Focus your efforts on how people will see your business rather than on simply improving the business itself and hoping customers will notice.

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