Common Problems With Coffee Machines

A coffee machine of any brand or model will from time to time develop problems. A major coffee machine problem requires specialised attention but you can fix the minor ones.

This said, if a problem persists, call us immediately on: 02 9818 5785.

Below is a list of common problem and what you can do to fix them.

Your coffee machine does not work at all

  • Ensure that the power source to the coffee machine is turned on
  • Check that the coffee machine is set to the correct heat position
  • For machines with an electronic timer, ensure that the electronic timer is not in sleep mode

Absence of water or coffee from the group head

  • Ensure the water source is turned on and the pressure gauge reads 2bars and above if the coffee machine is not being used
  • Ensure the water pump is functioning and the gauge reads 9 bars when you try to make coffee
  • Ensure that a right filter basket is in place
  • Make sure that the coffee grind is neither too fine nor too course

When the steam arm does not work

  • Ensure there is no blockage on the steam nozzles
  • Ensure that the pressure gauge displays the correct pressure
  • Ensure that the steam knob isn’t broken
  • Ensure the boiler level is the correct one

When there is no hot water

  • Ensure the machine is at the correct pressure
  • Ensure there are no obstructions on the hot water arm defuser
  • Ensure the boiler level is the correct one
  • Ensure that the hot water knob is not broken

When there are leakages

  • Check if the leakage is at the water supply hose if the water is clear
  • For dirty water or colored coffee, ensure the water pipe has not blocked
  • Check if the waste box of your coffee machine is blocked by removing the drip tray
  • If the leakage persists, turn off the power and the water supply to the machine

When the coffee tastes awful

  • Ensure the group filters holders and the group heads are clean
  • Check if the problem is with the coffee beans or the water
  • Make sure that the grinder settings are correct

When the coffee turns cold

  • Check the pressure gauge and ensure the machine is set to the correct temperature
  • Ensure the filter holders are locked into the group heads

When coffee grounds in a cup

  • Ensure that each filter holder has the correct filter basket
  • Ensure the filter holders are not leaking
  • Check if the filter holders are worn out

When coffee delivery is too fast

  • Ensure that each filter holder has the correct filter basket
  • Ensure that the coffee beans are not too fine
  • Check if the correct weight of coffee was added
  • Ensure the pump pressure is at 9 bars

When the coffee grounds is too wet

  • Ensure the grinder is switched on
  • Check the machine’s settings

When the coffee weight is not correct

  • Ensure the filter holder is at the right temperature
  • Ensure the filter handle contains the right filter baskets

When the coffee machine cannot froth milk

  • Check if there is steam pressure and that the operating pressure is at 1 bar and above
  • Try using different milk

When there is no coffee in the dosser

  • Check if the hopper slider is open
  • Ensure there are no beans stuck in the hopper neck
  • Ensure that the grinder is switched on

When the grinder is not working

  • Ensure the grinder is switched on
  • Ensure the grind is neither too course nor too fine
  • Adjust the grinder ring, one notch at a time
  • If the problem persists, change the grinder blades

When there is steam instead of milk

  • Ensure there is enough milk in the milk container
  • Check if there are kinks or bends in the milk pipe
  • Ensure the milk frother is clean and that it is correctly fitted to the coffee machine

When there is no frothed milk from an automatic machine

  • Ensure the milk frother is clean
  • Check if there are kinks or bends in the air pipe
  • Try using different milk

These are some of the most common problems you might experience with your coffee machine plus DIY suggestions.

Remember that when a coffee machine problem persists, we are just a phone call away on: 02 9818 5785.

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