Choosing The Best Coffee Equipment For Your Office Kitchen

Best Coffee Equipment For Your Office Kitchen

Coffee is the lifeblood of any business today: it motivates, raises productivity, and generally makes ones work more pleasant to perform.

As deadlines loom and pressure mounts, your employees will look to coffee for the extra energy they require to power through. Serving coffee at meetings also has the interesting effect of making your staff more vocal.

Given the vast number of options available, it is not always a simple task to find just the right coffee and water equipment for your particular workplace. The following article can help you consider the things you need to in order to get a machine that fits.

Ease of use

One of the best things about making excellent coffee available to your employees right in your place or work is that they will be more likely to stay at the office for their coffee breaks rather than heading out to a coffee shop, and this means they will be spending less time away from their desks.

Be careful what kind of machine you get, however, because if it is overly complicated to operate or requires an annoying amount of maintenance and cleaning then your employees might head out of the office for coffee anyway in order to avoid all the bother.

“Office spaces and canteens can be full of a diverse group of people with different knowledge and experience of coffee, so it’s important that equipment is accessible to all.”

“Lots of buttons, noises and settings can be daunting to some, so brewing equipment that is straightforward to use and doesn’t require in-depth training beforehand will generally improve results and yield some delicious coffee.”

You may find that an automated machine keeps things simple for all of your employees, and automated machines today can still make excellent, authentic coffee.

Take for example the Carimali Armonia Plus Automatic, which freshly grinds fresh beans and churns out barista-quality espresso or americano simply by pushing a button.

The size of your equipment

Before you get carried away with buying the perfect automated machine, you need to think first about how many coffee drinkers there are at your workplace, and also how much space you have for your equipment in your office kitchen or lounge.

On the one hand you don’t want to cramp up a small space with a machine that is too large, on the other hand you don’t want to get a machine that is too small to accommodate all of your staff and end up with lineups at the machine. One method of saving space is to get a machine with and under-counter boiler.

The quality of your coffee

Again, even if your machine is fully automated and fits perfectly in your office kitchen or lounge, no matter how easy and nicely fitting it is nobody is going to use your machine if it makes bad tasting coffee.

So before you take the plunge and order your machine make sure you do your research: read product reviews and if possible visit a coffee roaster or other coffee machine provider to taste some samples of some machines you are considering.

Maintaining your machine

If your machine is a pain to maintain, it is more than likely that your employees will neglect it, letting it get dirty and compromising the quality of what would otherwise be great tasting coffee. Because of this, on top of being easy to use, rightly sized, and great tasting, your ideal machine should also be very simple to maintain.

“Maintaining equipment will enhance the quality of your coffee and this can be as easy as rinsing the flask with hot water and wiping the grounds from the filter clean after each brew.”

The simpler it is to maintain the machine, the more likely it is that employees will bother with the trouble after each use.

“Office coffee” immediately sounds like “bad coffee”. But it no longer has to be, and often already no longer is, this way. Consider the ideal ease of use, size, taste, and maintenance for your office coffee equipment and you can offer your employees excellent, high-quality coffee without them ever having to leave the office.

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