Pierro S200 Automatic Coffee Machines

automatic coffee machines
The Pierro S200 automatic coffee machines are a sensational automatic commercial coffee machine that produces the highest degree of coffee extraction in both a single shot and a double dispensing shot.

The Pierro S200 automatic coffee machine is a sleek and attractive office coffee machine that will compliment the d├ęcor of any modern office or kitchen.

Featuring the convenience of single touch of a buttons and an integrated coffee, fresh milk and chocolate solution makes this automatic coffee machine the envy of every modern office.

Machine Specifications

Patented Metal Brewing Group | Twin stainless steel boilers | Twin instant drink canisters for hot chocolate , chai and other instant drinks | Width: 352mm | Depth: 600mm | Height: 670mm | Plumbed or 3.6L tank option available | Energy efficient – runs off 10 amps | Touch screen with up to 24 product selections | Simple automated cleaning function

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Why This Is One Of Australia’s Best Automatic Coffee Machines

Increased Flexibility – 1.8kg capacity bean and product containers which are interchangeable
Quality – An efficient brewing group made with the world’s best and proven quality components.
Huge Adaptability – Adjustable individual brewing pressures, coupled with a variable coffee grinder which ensures precise extraction
Range of Application – From the traditional cappuccino to an authentic espresso, and everything between – Latte, Flat White, Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte
Ease of Operation – An easy to operate and optimised touch screen combined with touch light buttons for various operating modes.

Options Available

  • Fridge
  • Cup Warmer
  • Cup Warmer with Fridge
  • Cup Dispenser

Whether your choice of hot beverage is a chai latte, a sweet chocolate dream, or an original Italian espresso, the Pierro S200 automatic office coffee machine will provide you with a delectable drink which will be delivered quickly at the touch of a button.

When we needed to re-fit our training room out with a number of new commercial espresso machines the Pierro Silver Espresso Coffee Machine was the right choice.

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