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Although climate change is threatening to destroy the coffee industry as we no know it, all is not yet lost.

A recent study found that as much as 60% of the species of wild coffee in the major growing regions around the world are at risk of extinction due to global warming as well as deforestation.

Coffee is not only the third most consumed drink on earth, it is also the second most traded commodity, after oil, on the planet! However scientists have begun to continually warn us that our familiar morning joe may become a far scarcer luxury in the coming decades if drastic action is not taken.

Rising demand for coffee

Coffee has never been more popular than it is right now, and experts predict that the demand for it could still double by 2050!

Accordingly the extinction of most of the world’s species of beans could have a significant impact on this trend. And though there are already some existing conservation measure being taken, many researchers have claimed that these measures are not currently adequate to avert a serious coffee crisis.

Aribica coffee in particular – the world’s most popular variety by far – is a risk due to climate change.

Aribica coffee beans require a cooler temperature than many other varieties, as well as a higher altitude. The warming of the earth could seriously limit the regions in which these kind of beans are able to be grown, and more generally researchers have predicted that the earth’s regions where coffee can be grown may shrink down by as much as 88% by 2050 as a result of global warming.

Given that the estimate for all plant species on earth that are at risk of extinction due to climate change is 22%, coffee crops at risk being at 60% is particularly significant. An even more alarming fact is that within these 60% of at risk species are those that have the highest potential to breed and produce future coffee crops.

And if you’re not worried enough yet, there is more than just climate change which is threatening the world of coffee production.

Many regions of Central America are being affected by hosts of pests and diseases that are decimating crops, including something called coffee leaf rust which is a type of fungal infection.

Some farmers in Costa Rica have even abandoned their coffee crops altogether in favour of more sturdy crops after seeing the continued effects of drought and fierce storms.

But all is not lost, and although it may be a bleak and selfish bit of recompense, the crisis will likely not be felt for several more decades, so that many of us will no longer be around to face the problem and so we don’t have to worry about it (though this might be cold comfort for many of us, especially if we take the death of coffee as a sign of things to come).

There are still some seeds of hope however. For example, in Peru there is a UN backed project being undertaken to educate local farmers about how to cultivate their land more sustainably and how to choose coffee seeds that will be better suited to future weather conditions.

Although this is currently a small-scale project, if it is successful and catches on it could have a significant impact and help to avert total disaster.

Moreover it is likely that as the climate changes new regions for growing coffee will emerge to make up for some of the losses in the current regions.

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