Behind The Beans - an inside look at the world of coffee

Appia II Espresso Machine

A Guarantee of Success Not anyone has delivered you so much for the same value as Appia II Espresso Machine that was built on the favourable outcome of the Appia. A machine with high productivity and performance that guarantees all the features recognised by more than...

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S500 Rex Royal Coffee Machines

The Rex-Royal S500 From a hot espresso to a layered latté macchiato; fine foamed cappuccino; cold or warm milk foam to sweet chocolate, all of these treats are readily available at the press of a button. When big quantities of different coffee and mixed drinks are...

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How Grinders Affect The Coffee

Types of Grinders And Its Effect On Your Coffee There are a couple of things that will determine how good or bad your espresso coffee will taste when it is ready. One factor is how grinders affect the coffee. The second factor is the final temperature of the coffee...

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Constant Care of Coffee Grinders

Maintaining Coffee Grinders There are several factors that can affect the quality of coffee, most of which can be prevented with the constant care of coffee grinders and using quality equipment. One of the equipment which we are looking at today is the coffee grinder...

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Perfect Commercial Coffee Machines

Everyone Needs Coffee Right? Coffee is a very popular drink all over the world. It is found in so many different cultures, and people have been drinking it for centuries. These days, it continues to become more and more popular as each year passes by. This trend has...

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